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Special Resident Retiree Visa - Philippines

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Be well prepared and avoid hassle and red tape. Avail of free visa assistance by MaryRose.

VAN INGEN MANAGEMENT is an accredited marketer of the Philippine Retirement Authority. Our company arranges retirement visa for indefinite stay in the Philippines.
As an accredited marketer of PRA and located a stone throw away from the PRA offices we are ideally suited to make the visa application process as easy and efficient as possible for applicants for such visa.

Applying for a visa is not always straight forward and easy. Especially if your country and culture are very different from the Philippines, it makes sense to engage the services of people that are very familiar with both sides and have European and Filipino nationality.

If you have decided to retire in the Philippines, we offer a free service, that prepares you for this important step in your life. We will be taking away the administrative burden and we guarantee a hassle free visa application process.
The free service is only available for those who register with us before applying for the visa. For those who need assistance after they have applied with PRA directly, a reasonable fee will be charged.

The management and staff of our company have years long experience with dealing with business and authorities both in the western world as well as in the Philippines.

Download the registration form here.

Due to the unprecedented number of enquiries only, we need to prioritise assisting retirees with confirmed travel plans to the Philippines. General information about, and the requirements to be met for, a retirement visa can be found here and on the PRA website.